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  This page allows you to view, and search, the channel names and topics for all public channels on EFnet.

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North America: 13
Europe: 11

ratbox: 24

Channels: 5488
Operwalls: 381683
Kills: 88892

Channel Name Users Topic
#banished 69 MissCleo: I typically don't cum until
it's basically over else I can't get
another erection.
#nerds 69 welcome to #nerds lets talk nerd.
#MagicShells 69 you can kiss your magicshells goodbye
fools nice try now dany and talonz
gonna get rekt for life.
#hardware 69
| All hail the king, i7 8700K | RIP
Net Neutrality
#au 68 You will be a winner today. Pick a fight
with a four-year-old.
#mafia 68 GanGsterIsM is tough on a nigga :\ be
well homie u kno wat i mean <3 xoxoxoxoxo
#Annihilation 68 Oderint Dum Metuant
#gestapo 67
#unemployed 67 -=X{ slimebox has gmails ,
pm to get one ||||
Map:|| ducks:}X=-
#311 67 311's got the bewm y'all
#tomcosm 66 Trivia has finished! Congratulations
to Require, mudpeople and bluntmast
for winning
#ukraine 65 Slava Ukrayini! |
#jupes 65
#ps3 65 | #psgroove for warez talk | Destiny
#leb 65 welcome to #Leb "People have a way of
becoming what you encourage them to
be, not what you nag them to be."
#ddos 65 How fuckin' stupid and foolish of you
to think you can do this
#ircbar 64 Welcome to #ircbar | RIP Net Neutrality
| Happy National Bouillabaisse Day
#psgroove 64 Ps3Xploit released! Install CFW from
4.82 OFW fat/slim only - NO superslim!
#drftpd 64 [DRFTPd] Official Channel | Supporting
DRFTPd 3 | Developers welcomed |
#chat 64 /join #fiddychan
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