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North America: 14
Europe: 10

ratbox: 24

Channels: 6768
Operwalls: 379618
Kills: 88710

Channel Name Users Topic
#football 239 [eN.Football] FBS season: Fri 8/26/16
| NFL season: Thu 9/8/16 | NOTICE: "no
political chat" rule back in effect
| RIP - Dennis Green, Miss Cleo (53)
#stocks 234 [eN] Welcome to #stocks | Efnets #1 money
making channel
#maryjane 218 Welcome to #maryjane, home of the 5 dollar
mustache ride.
#fw 207 | Rugby.Challenge.3.XBOX360-COMPLEX |
| #ps4 #wiiu #xboxone
#iphone 205 [eN] -
#computers 195 [ck] Welcome to #computers [/ck]
#politics 174 <MacGuffin> "Government big enough to
supply everything you need is big enough
to take everything you have." Gerald
#efnet2 173 welcome to hell. please take off your
shoes at the gates.
#efnet 172 Horray, it's friday somewhere in the
world! | channel statistics at
#nerds 164 Welcome to #nerds | If you need any computer
related help ask your question in chat
and we will try to help | /server -m -j #maryjane
#xboxone 162 Games With Gold August! Warriors Orochi
3 Ultimate, WWE2K16, Beyond Good & Evil
HD (x360) Spelunky (x360) | Xbox One
S - August 2nd |
#MrRobot 156 /server -m -j #mrrobot
| Season 2 starts 7/13/16!
#android 155 | G+: | Plz 2 check
Google or XDA before asking]
#chats 154 <@rkl> youre not one of us and you never
will be || < ebola> \u2721 its 2016
you should have a utf8 compliant client
#hockey 147 [#hockey] RIP Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe
| Grats to Pens | TRADEZ: Subban for
Weber (lol) Hall for Larsson (LOL!)
| #football #baseball RON!
#2600 146 Time to pay
up you evil white people!
#nfl 142 NFL Training Camps Schedule:
#hiphop 141 hip hop n stuff
#trading 139 Welcome to #trading - R.I.P Vegas - The
Only Place to Make money on IRC
#SportsEntertainment 137 Sasha Banks new womens champion | Balor
#1 contender for the Universal Championship
against Seth Rollins @ Summerslam
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