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  This page allows you to view, and search, the channel names and topics for all public channels on EFnet.

The data stored here is updated every 5 minutes.

North America: 24
Europe: 17

ratbox: 40
hybrid: 1

Channels: 7783
Operwalls: 376263
Kills: 87472

Channel Name Users Topic
#fw 376 Teenage.Mutant.Ninja.Turtles.Danger.of.the.Ooze.XBOX360-iMARS
| Falling.Skies.PAL.XBOX360-COMPLEX
| The.Walking.Dead.Season.2.XBOX360-COMPLEX
#football 294 W8 | PICKEMS CFB
NFL | idle4+v |
#andone #hockey #thewalkingdead
#iphone 259 iOS 8.1 JB - + How to
install Cydia |
iOS 7.0.X JB - |
iOS 6.1.3+ JB -
#hacked 252 <3 you yoonix. |
| nme you're a slob. | no ones getting
opped, dont ask | main chat(more chat):
#Hackerz 246 [main chat: #maryjane] anyone ever go
into #hackerz on back in
the day?? if u did, get routed's attention
#nerds 238 [ #main chat: #maryjane ]
<- fan chat #hcf
#sysadmin 237 slimeball is a backstabbing lying piece
of shit fake ass friend
#efnet 237 By order of the lords of time, friday
is over :( | channel statistics at
#weed 230 if inactive, check #maryjane
#high 225
#xubuntu 225 Welcome to EFNet's official #xubuntu
help channel! Need help with xubuntu
or xfce or ubuntu in general? just ask!
don't ask to ask!
#android 225 G+ community: | Channel
Stats: | No warez
| Use Google/XDA for help!
#rx 217 To these blue and yellow purple pills
#SonsOfAnarchy 215 [ #maryjane ]
|| r.i.p opie. | Next Episode: Oct/14/2014
07x06 Smoke 'em if You Got 'em
#ghetto 215 I wonder if EFnet's got a ghetto
#supernatural 214 [chat in #maryjane]
#TheTalkingDead 214 [Channel AMC: Sundays 8pm CST] the talking
dead. season over. good season. checkout
#maryjane for active people
#coalition 212 coalition is gonna take over teh intrawebz
| in search of coders, web programmers,
more hitters
#packeted 211
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