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  This page allows you to view, and search, the channel names and topics for all public channels on EFnet.

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North America: 14
Europe: 11

ratbox: 25

Channels: 5379
Operwalls: 383477
Kills: 88892

Channel Name Users Topic
#IRC30 311
| rip paul allen
#EFNetNews 283 EFNet News - Episode 86 - unblacklist
me dipshit -
1,1hidden message
#Annihilation 242 love from the jupe gods
#football 230 [eN.Football] PICK'EMS: CFB
| @nfl @livescore | visit #LivePD #baseball
#hockey #bball
#0fucks 211 03h09t11t10p02s12:13/06/04w05w07w08.09f03a10c11e12b02o06o13k05.04c08o07m03/09g11r10o02u12p13s06/04005f07a08w09k03s10/
#2600 196 UFC FIGHT LINK: 12
#DNSK 195 requiscant in pace, ad infinitum et Ultra,
Murlok / skl min vn | <u4t> "i just
saw a tree outside start frowning cos
it's sad it wasted oxygen on you"
#chats 190 Happy Weed Day Canada!
#Metasploit 190 Welcome To #Metasploit Channel
And & For Exploit ----->
#computers 179 [ck] Welcome to #computers! Science,
Technology, Controversial Discourse
#weHATEinfox 173 <@nancy> infox: i don't really care.
maybe you should stop obsessing over
antifascist activists and obsess over
losing some weight and getting a life
#savage 169 02s12a13v06a04g05e07r08y
#pound 166 <dOm3r> My penis is packetting =>
#colond 151 uh chan is randomly juped use efnet server OR
for now...
#burnout 149 05f04u08c07k 09o11f10f 12p13l06s04.
#dex 149 10,1103,0213,809,08 MARCH. 117st WEEK
- all servers updated & ready | jordie
is here! 4D: 09,0813,803,0210,11
#dxm 149 france just made dxm rx-only FUCK YOU
lol dxm
#rush 148 TO MOLD A NEW REALITY - Happy 64th Birthday
Alex Lifeson (please do not die soon)!
#political 148
- nice confederate flags in his tomb
#uberleet 148
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