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North America: 13
Europe: 11

ratbox: 24

Channels: 5441
Operwalls: 382525
Kills: 88892

Channel Name Users Topic
#political 398 Welcome to #political | R.I.P. Stephen
Hawking (1942-2018) | Bot cmds "..altcoins"
".c <alt>"
#chats 270 3 are you wearing green? you might get
pinched if not!
#bearcave 256 [#Bearcave] Since '93 | Welcome little
baby bears | #Bearcave Drinking game:
drink everytime a bot drops
#football 240 [eN.Football] #football NCAA Bracket
| NO POLITICS |visit #baseball #hockey
#2600 197 Happy 44th Birthday Flyback \ RIP hawking
he did not die just got strewn into
the cosmic garbage disposal.
#btc 191 Bot coming up.
#computers 187 [/ck]
; Follow ->
#phear 186 #phear no humans welcomed. only bots
and bots and bots. [ kyle=c040070l
#colond 169 <ruckuz> well i see why i left this place
<ruckuz> later | <@RawSushi> I gotta
retrace my steps to see what day it
was 166[http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion][][Don't
PM Op's without asking][thanks vips
and trusted!]
#cunts 165 <@darkmage_> i got kicked out of grandma's
in early september for a month and had
to live with a bunch of gays in a trailer
#dxm 162 france just made dxm rx-only FUCK YOU
lol dxm
#uberleet 159
#politics 158 why the
Bridge fell
#dex 157 10,1103,0213,809,08 MARCH. 117st WEEK
- all servers updated & ready | jordie
is here! 4D: 09,0813,803,0210,11
#rush 157 TO MOLD A NEW REALITY - Happy 64th Birthday
Alex Lifeson (please do not die soon)!
#trading 155 We support the LGBTQQICAPF2K+ community
| leku is a faggot
#bitcoin 154 Welcome to #bitcoin |
#fw 151 #PS4 #wiiu #switch #xboxone
#android 150 | | plz 2 check Google
or XDA First | Don't ask to ask | No
politics or social justice.
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