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North America: 13
Europe: 11

ratbox: 24

Channels: 5482
Operwalls: 381454
Kills: 88892

Channel Name Users Topic
#wiiu 87 | Nintendo Switch
| #switch
#Lebanon 86 Happy Eid Everyone Welcome To #Lebanon
#apple 85 macOS Sierra 10.12.4 -
| iPhone 7 |
Apple Watch
| Apple TV
#baseball 85 [eN.Baseball] HOUSTON ASTROS 2017 WORLD
| RIP Roy Halladay
#TempleOS 84 |
#worldstar 84 2,0
#metal 83 due to component tube failure, spamrobots
are out of control
#GoT 82 [Game of Thrones] Ops for all!
#2020 82 Bienvenue dans le futur !!!
#nerds 81 welcome to #nerds lets talk nerd.
#titandemo 79 Titan (the art/demoscene group, not to
be confused with the australian candy
brand) ::
#MagicShells 79 you can kiss your magicshells goodbye
fools nice try now dany and talonz
gonna get rekt for life.
#au 79 the AFL medal chick uncensored
#government 78 NRA
#method 77 [Welcome to Method] Respect my block
- Efnet #1 chat source! [Method] This
is HOW we do:
#flem 77
#mafia 76 GanGsterIsM is tough on a nigga :\ be
well homie u kno wat i mean <3 xoxoxoxoxo
#gestapo 75
#ddos 75 How fuckin' stupid and foolish of you
to think you can do this
#leb 75 welcome to #Leb "People have a way of
becoming what you encourage them to
be, not what you nag them to be."
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