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  This page allows you to view, and search, the channel names and topics for all public channels on EFnet.

The data stored here is updated every 5 minutes.

North America: 14
Europe: 11

ratbox: 25

Channels: 5363
Operwalls: 383415
Kills: 88892

Channel Name Users Topic
#znc 90 Main channel is #znc on
| | Don't PM people
#psychology 88 NEW GIRL SERIES FINALE 5/15/2018 - NEVER
#DNSK 87 [ Presenting: My MUSE Walli M. M. - Good
vibrations are included... - YouTube
] -
#spam 87 WeLcOmE tO #sPaM -:- tItS oR gTfO
#titandemo 85 Titan forever. - "disc0rd"
is our bridge between discord and irc,
nicknames follow.
#efnut 85 efnut :o
#freebsd 85 if they make me run openbsd i will curse
god and walk backward into hell
#hardball 85 Playoff spots clinched: Red Sox, Indians
| Days since the bot stopped working:
#LivePD 85 LIVE PD, Y'ALL! | 12LIVE PD: 6tomorrow,
9pm! | 12Police Patrol: 4TONIGHT, 8pm!
| 12Women On Patrol: Mon, 9pm! | 12PD
CAM: Nov 1st! | info: `list
#insomnia 84 I have arrived. You may now rest.
#mafia 83 mafia junior
#pound 82 <dOm3r> My penis is packetting =>
#nerds 77 welcome to #nerds lets talk nerd.
#hiphop 77
its gucciiiiiiiiiiii
#party# 77 Welcome to the party-line. There are
lots of people in here, hang around!
| Commands & Information:
#pimp 77 P.I.M.P
#efnet2 76 fuck #efnet
#timebomb 75 take the price - 3646 graves have been
dug so far, RIP layzkat
#method 75 [Welcome to Method] Respect my block
- Efnet #1 chat source! [Method] This
is HOW we do:
#gestapo 74 #MAGA -
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