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  Introduced: 29 o Apr 2004 at 12:37am (5048d 19h 53m 52s ago).
M:Line: Welcome to the fjear nation.
Region: North America
Users: 1,161 (5.47% of the 21,226)
IRCD: ircd-ratbox-3.0.10(20160113_12-29315)
Type: Leaf
Websites: [Server: Yes] [Sponsor: Mzima Networks]
Split stats: 580 totalling 106d 8h 43m 28s (97.89% linked)

Admin Notes: was linked in February 2004 and was a cooperation between lunarpages and mzima. The server was linked by SG, Hardy and netking and have been a stable and reliable client server for the US portion of EFnet ever since. The server is open for everyone and we hold betwin 3000-5000 clients on a daily average. Today the server staff consist of SG, Hardy, netking, wd, ayzee, dawg and Exstatica.

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North America: 13
Europe: 11

ratbox: 24

Channels: 5515
Operwalls: 382361
Kills: 88892

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