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  Introduced: 06 o Jan 2016 at 11:39pm (2026d 4h 3m 55s ago).
M:Line: NORDUnet EFnet Server (IPv4, IPv6 & SSL)
Region: Europe
Users: 0 (0.00% of the 15,972)
IRCD: ircd-ratbox-3.0.9(20151013_9-28769)
Type: Leaf
Websites: [Server: Unknown] [Sponsor: Unknown]
Split stats: 72 totalling 58d 10h 24m 55s (97.12% linked)
This server has been split from the network for 56d 6h 21m 44s

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North America: 11
Europe: 10

ratbox: 21

Channels: 4712
Operwalls: 386839
Kills: 89724

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